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Welcome to Olde Lane Orchard!

Since 2002 Olde Lane Orchard has aimed to provide customers around the greater Northern Daviess Co. area with the same high-quality produce we have come to love in our own home. Hard work and farming go hand in hand, but producing delicious food and satisfying our customers make it a pleasure. 

We use an integrated pest management system to target harmful insects at their peak movements, and we grow many of our vegetables without the use of synthetic pesticides.

About Olde Lane Orchard

Mom and Dad

Chester and Janice Lehman own and operate Olde Lane Orchard, along with their children and grandchildren and with help from employees who become "family." Family is involved in every aspect of production. In return they receive limitless opportunities for character building and memories together, as well as a strong work ethic which blesses them for a lifetime. When free from schoolwork and chores, they love the out-of-doors in nearby woods and ponds.

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